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              • YLW系列有機熱載體爐臥式
              • YLW系列有機熱載體爐臥式
            2. 所屬分類:新型高效燃氣鍋爐
            3. 產品描述:
            4. 服務熱線: 0373-4790389










              YLW organic heat-medium boiler is the packaged forced circulation chain grate boiler.Front section of boiler body is the hearth radiation heating atea consisting of closely-aligned double-square coils.The rear section is the convection flush heating area of coil tube bank.Boiler is structured into the body drum on the combustion hot fume chamber.Heat from the boiler is used to heat the air as required for the boiler combustion in the air pre-heater.Then fume exhausts outside with chimney via th dust collector and draught fan.

              Simple installation and short installation period.Just combine the upper body and lower conbustion chamber.

              Himple consists of double closely-aligned coils to ensure the sufficient heating area, reduce the surface heat load of pipe and handle the heat transfer oil safely.

              Reasonable medium flow.Heat transfer oil flows from the lower inlet to the upper outlet.Gas generated during the operation stays in the boiler hardly and can exhaust easily.

              Sound design of boiler vault.Fume can stay in the hearth long enough for better combustion.

              Heating area in the dibersion fume chamber.Use the divisions to avoid direct flushing from hot fume and to effectively prevent the fume short circuit from the falling fume divisions.




              Delivered heat:1900-23000KW design pressure:1.1MPa



              Parameters listed herein are just for reference as those are subject to continuous modification with prduct upgrading.
              Listed models are typical.If other models are needed,please refer to drawings and data available.

            5. 驗證碼:
            6. 全國服務熱線:
            7. 聯系人:王成栓
            8. 手 機:13903735027
            9. 地 址:河南新鄉獲嘉縣亢村工業城
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